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A Message From Bob Babbitt, Co-Founder Challenged Athletes Foundation:

Erica Davis is special. From the first time I met her at a Challenged Athletes Foundation event, I could tell that this young woman was destined for greatness. She seemed so comfortable in her own skin right from the beginning and her smile lit up the room.

Early on, her sport was handcycling and that quickly morphed to include road racing and triathlon. Nothing ever seemed to bother her. Erica never let the wheelchair get in the way of her goals or her independence. 

When you go to a triathlon, especially here in California,  you’ll find there are people who are comfortable in the ocean and people who are, quite frankly, scared to death, especially when the waves  gets big. You can see the fear in their eyes as they get ready to charge into the surf.

Erica seemed to understand that she could help make their day a little better. The challenged athletes tend to go off early in these events and people who were scared of the ocean would gather as a group to watch this brave young woman leave her wheelchair with a smile on her face as she was being carried out into the surf  and then watch her swim through the waves like it was no big deal.

Get Erica's Free eBook,

Get Erica’s Free eBook, “Fearless Living 101” Now!

Erica’s message, which resonates to this very day, was loud and clear:

“If I can do this, so can you. Fear is not an option.”

“So there aren’t that many women competing in road races in a racing chair. Sign me up. We’re not sure if someone who is paralyzed can get out through the surf and finish the triathlon. Get out of my way.”

“Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in a wheelchair is impossible.”

“Just watch me.”

Some athletes find a sport and make it their own. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s awesome to watch someone become a great hand-cyclist, triathlete or swimmer. But there are others who choose to push the boundaries, to pursue a goal, achieve it, and then look for something else to do that is just as daunting.

The world needs trailblazers who are constantly pushing the envelope on what someone with a disability can accomplish and we  also need  great role models that other people facing challenges can look up to and gain strength from.

Erica Davis just happens to be both.

My last words are for you! If you have hit a bump in the road in your own life, be it physical or otherwise, then I strongly encourage you to download Erica’s gift to you with this amazing e-book “Fearless Living 101” and savor every word. Apply the teaching to your own life. And remember, Erica’s got your back too!

Bob Babbitt

Co-Founder Challenged Athletes Foundation

USA Triathlon and Ironman Triathlon Hall of Fame Inductee


Hear what people are saying about Erica Davis! 

Helice Bridges

Helice Bridges

“Erica Davis is one of the most extraordinary women of our time.  She exemplifies fearless living, unstoppable courage and the ability to find joy in overcoming any obstacle facing her life.  Every child and adult deserves to hear her message so they are able to hope, dream and succeed throughout their lives.”
Helice “Sparky” Bridges
Founder & CEO
Difference Makers International


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