Speaking of Inspiration!

In this speech Erica will bring audiences back to her life prior to her life changing medical condition. She delivers her message with insight and

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humor as she delves into how she conquered each of the challenges she faced, overcame, and those she still faces each day. Erica’s unique perspective as an athlete from a diverse range of sports where she excelled adds a rich sense of drive and passion to this well delivered inspirational message.

“I want people to know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”

Erica wraps up this talk with the heart of her adventurous spirit and describes her difficult yet ultimately successful climb and moment she conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro as the first paraplegic woman to reach the 19,000 foot summit.  Her message is clear:  We can climb any mountain internally or externally if we have the right attitude, team, and vision to succeed.

This is Not The Life I Ordered

We all have a plan growing up of what life would be like as adults.  We place our “order” by saying I want to be a doctor or a fireman or a banker or a professional athlete when I grow up. Erica ordered the latter…a life of an athlete. But her “order” or vision never included a wheelchair. In this dynamic talk Erica shares her vision for her life as a teenager in high school living out her dreams as a respected athlete and living out her college dreams until a devastating and rare injury caused her to put her dreams on hold and re-examine the life she thought she would live. Sports was her life and now she must realize that her life was no longer the life she ordered.

From thriving athlete to paralyzed young adult overnight, this message speaks to the survivor in us all as Erica shares how she learned to live a life of passion, purpose, and as an athlete, and not allow her wheelchair define her. Audiences will learn to re-examine their own lives and the life they “ordered”, look deeply at the changes we must all make within in order to live beyond our perfectly painted picture of what life is supposed to look like for us. Life is fragile, ever changing. Erica knows this all too well and motivates us all to live larger, more fully than ever before even when life suddenly becomes not what we ordered. Photo’s, video, and documentary clips included in this topic.  Contact us to learn more about speaking opportunities.