A Story Worth Sharing…

I see everything as an opportunity to learn and an adventure to enjoy. I love sharing my adventures with others because I’ve always been a teacher at heart. I have had some very wonderful, strange, crazy, hilarious and downright frightening things happen in my life. Yet, for some crazy reason, I just see them as part of my adventurous life and carry on. Sharing these experiences with others has been a healing process for me. Although, I

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have to admit, I have not for more than a moment or two felt like a victim of my circumstances. Life happens. Good, bad and a whole bunch in between. 

Since I was in third grade, I knew I wanted to be a PE teacher. That’s when I first learned to play team sports. I realized everyone’s importance to the team’s success. I loved my PE teacher. Not only was he cute, but the way he taught, made sports fun and exciting. Thanks to him, I knew I would one day play sports AND teach! Although I don’t teach in a formal setting, the world is now my classroom through my speaking, mentoring, adventures and the sports I play.

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There are plenty of reasons many of us might feel fearful but Erica takes the position that there is something to learn from every situation. She finds that pushing herself physically and mentally brings her satisfaction and joy. From early in life she always new she wanted to be an athlete and she wanted to teach.If you have an interest in an interesting interview, contact Erica’s PR firm. Gibson Communications Group. 

Meet Erica Davis

Erica Davis is a Fearless Living Instructor. That doesn’t mean she never has fear it simply means she is committed to living her life and enjoying all the adventure she can find. Whether it’s surfing, cycling, or climbing a mountain, Erica pushes herself to try new things and find new adventure in everyday life. See more of Erica’s adventures at the video page.

Inspirational Talks

Fearless Living is a common theme that Erica speaks about.  In spite of having a wheelchair for a constant companion, Erica finds inspiration by diving into new adventures and she finds great satisfaction by sharing her learnings with others. Need an inspiring speaker at your next event? Learn more. 

Interesting Interviews

When life took an unexpected turn and Erica Davis became paralyzed from the waist down, she did not let her dream of becoming an athlete and a teacher fade away. Quite to the contrary! Are you a reporter looking for an inspiring and entertaining story? Learn more. 

The Next Adventure?

Today, Erica Davis loves to compete to satisfy the competitive fire inside. And, she loves to share what she learns with others. Erica’s next adventure may be a triathlon, snow skiing, mountain climbing or who knows what! See what’s next.