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Erica Davis in an early competition - with gravity

About Erica Davis

After earning her degree in Physical Education at Pacific Union College, Erica went on to teach high school PE in Hawaii. That is where she got the itch to compete in triathlons. She started training and competed in her first Tri in 2005 where she took 6th in her division.

It was during that time that Erica was accepted into the Masters Program at Sacramento State University in Kinesiology in Strength and Conditioning. There was no way for her to know that all of that training would be what she needed most to prepare her for an unforeseen journey ahead.

“I never thought of NOT making it.”

On December 27, 2005 Erica woke up with a severe backache. Her condition continued to deteriorate to the point that Erica could no longer stand on her own two legs. She literally collapsed just getting out of bed December 31, 2005. That was the last day Erica has walked as of yet. Erica was diagnosed with Cavernous Hemangioma, an abnormal cluster of blood vessels.

While this medical condition is actually very common, (1 in 100 people have this cluster somewhere in their body) it will never cause a problem and will go undetected. In Erica’s case, the diagnosis is extremely rare; in fact, she had a one in five million chance of this happening to her. A microscopic drop of blood leaked into her spinal cord leading to paralysis. From that point on, Erica was paralyzed from below the chest down.

With the help of the Challenged Athletes Foundation as her initial sponsor, Erica began the most incredible journey of her life. And, her adventures are becoming increasingly inspiring. She is determined to make the best of every moment while making a difference in all she does. She began swimming, racing, and yes, eventually, making history by being the first female paraplegic to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro. The largest free-standing mountain in the world!


“I want all people to know they can accomplish anything they set their mind to.”

Who is Erica Davis

Erica Davis is a Fearless Living Instructor. That doesn’t mean she never has fear, it simply means she is committed to living her life and enjoying all the adventure she can find. Whether it’s surfing, cycling, or climbing a mountain, Erica pushes herself to find new adventures in everyday life. See Erica in action.

Speaking Opportunities

Fearless living is a common theme that Erica speaks about. In spite of having a wheelchair as her constant companion, Erica finds inspiration by diving into new adventures and she finds great satisfaction by sharing her learnings with others. Need an inspiring speaker at your next event? Learn more. 

Media Interviews

When life took an unexpected turn and Erica Davis became paralyzed from the waist down, she did not let her dream of becoming a world-class athlete and a teacher fade away. Quite to the contrary! Are you a reporter looking for an inspiring and entertaining story? Learn more. 

What's Next?

Today, Erica Davis loves to compete to satisfy the competitive fire inside. She loves to share what she learns with others. Erica’s next adventure may be a triathlon, snow skiing, dancing, or who knows what! See what’s next.